Wednesday, April 14, 2010

William Harris Homestead Fieldtrip

William Harris built the house above in 1825 with his own two hands!  I really enjoyed this filedtrip and learned a lot about rural life in the 19th century.  The girls learned more than I realized.
We learned about the daily life of a Confederate soldier.
Down by the creek, where the laundry was done.
One of the buildings on the property.
On a hayride.
Inside the Harris house.  Daily life was busy!  They combed and spun cotton and wool, dyed it and even wove it into fabric!

The family cemetery.  Nine babies are buried here.

Making candles.
The smoke house and the hams inside.

A sheep herding demonstration.

A picninc lunch when we were done!


~Leslie said...

What a great field trip! Your children are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your blog with me!! :D

Five Bears A-Blogging said...

Awsome pix! What fun! - Mo

The Nonye-Johns said...

oh girl this new blog lettering is SO much easier on the eyes!!!! :) i need to get some spring/summer activites going on for deji!