Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Baaack!

No I didn't forget I had have a blog.  I've been overwhelmed with life for the last many months!  Last week I noticed that I had been in a reasonably good mood for several days.  That hadn't happened since ever.  I actually felt like my old self again (I'm usually pretty jovial).  I realized that I'd been taking my Estroven for over a week and concluded it was the cause of the return of the old me.  Thank you Estroven! 
Contrary to what my gyno says, I'm sure I've been going through "the change" for the last two years.  When my periods returned after taking Delaney off the breast, they were no longer perfectly regular like they'd been all my life.  Then came insomnia, and a very slow onset of moodiness and low libido.  Two hormone tests revealed that I was not pre-menopausal (yeah, OK).   Although I feel physically and mentally better than I have in months, I think I am starting to experience the dreaded hot flashes.  My husband has left the bedroom a couple of times because he couldn't take the ceiling fan on high.  I usually can't either.  My periods continue to be irregular, with the last one being late and lasting 10 days. 
Me being anxious, worried, sad & mad has caused some strife in my marriage.  I'm just realizing the problem was me exacerbated by him.  I did apologize and urged him (for about the 20th time) that if I'm ever "not myself" to point it out lovingly instead of launching an attack.  Start by asking me if I've taken my Estroven that day...