Saturday, October 11, 2008

It's A Wrap

My latest creation, a baby wrap. You can buy one online or at a baby store for $40-$60...or you can make one for about $4. I'd had the pink fabric for years and finally decided I was going to make a mei tai baby carrier. It ws going to take more time than I have, so I opted for the baby wrap after reading a few reviews and watching some videos about them on It took just a few minutes to make, and Delaney LOVES it! I have 2 maya wraps, but the limit the mobility of one arm, so they're not always practical when your baby wants to be held and you have things to do. You can wear your baby several different ways, but I've only mastered the facing in and facing out positions.
So after a couple of weeks of negotiating schedules with DH, I finally get the chance to go vote and at the same time sport my new wrap. We got to the place at about 11am and the line was out to the parking lot of the huge shopping center. There must have been upwards on 100 people in line! It's heart warming to see the interest in the elections this year! Delaney started out in her car seat on the stroller. As expected, she started to fuss after about 10 minutes. So I take her out of the car seat and put her in my nifty wrap. Y'all should have seen the looks of puzzlement and interest in the folks we were surrounded by! I don't usually like to call attention to myself, but this time it was kinda cool. Delaney and the wrap got numerous compliments.
So after an hour in line (thank God the weather was pleasant: cloudy but breezy) I get told that even though I've lived in this county for 2 years and even though I distinctly remember registering to vote AND getting mail telling me where I'm supposed to vote, they have no record of my registration, so I have to go to my previous county to vote. I wasn't as upset as I might normally have been. I got showered with compliments and a needed break from the two wild ones at home.

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My sweet Delaney is FIVE months old!

Shelby at gymnastics