Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Same thing different person?

Well, Shelby was better on Thursday, but Friday, after feeling quite droopy all day, she suddenly barfed all over the (fabric!) couch. I cleaned it with some spray stuff, then DH took the cushions outside and hosed them off. The cushions spent the night and following day outside and now there's no hint of the mess. The next day, Ava came down with some feverish thing and today, I'm under the weather. I haven't even had a cold in probably a year! I'm miserable and writing under the influence of Nyquil, so this might be more interesting than I intend.
So I'm on a new quest of frugality. Thank God I like my job, but I hate that I have to work. I'm not sure DH knows this and I haven't told him. No worries, he doesn't read the blog. We have minimal debt (house and 2 loans) and I really think we could live on one paycheck. DH says he's on board with this plan, but I'm not too sure about that. A dollar in his hand is a dollar spent. Although, I must say, he has come a very long way and the dollar he spends is usually on the house. The Nyquil is really kicking in. I'll tell you more in my next post. In the meantime check ou this awesome blog I just duscovered!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sick Day

Shelbilicous threw up yesterday at ballet. The young ballet teacher came out looking very flustered, "Shelby just threw up!" Someone in the lobby offered to hold Mr Huggie (Delaney's new name per Ava) and I ran into the studio. She had vomited on the floor, all over her leotard, tights, and ballet slippers. My poor baby! She said she felt fine, so I took off her soaked ballet clothes, put her skirt back on and we stayed in the lobby until Ava was done. She threw up several more times before going to bed. Today, she's back to normal. I was worried it was one of those things that makes its rounds in families, but everyone fine, thank God.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

2 Ballerinas

My Skinny Baby

Delaney is 10 months old and more adorable by the day. She continues to be high maintenance, but I don't mind too much (most of the time). She STILL wakes up in the night to nurse, and I can't say no! The pediatrician says she's underweight and she needs all the nourishment she can get! (She actually said I should pump and save the milk and feed her the formula, but that's not working). She's in the 95th percentile for her height, 25th for weight, which would be OK except that she has fallen off the growth curve. She put her on Alimentum, a formula that tastes awful, because she's allergic to milk . She took it for a few days, but no longer. She was eating her store bought baby food pretty well there for a while, but that's going downhill, too. It sounds like she eats decent for everyone but me. I wonder if it's because I'm the one with the (huge) breasts? She likes to feed herself, so I'm thinking that once I'm able to cook again, she'll eat more. Most of the store bought baby finger foods have milk in them, so there goes that. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd sure like to hear them. Today I put chocolate syrup in her formula and it did work...for a while.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kitchen Update

OK, I'm tired of not having a kitchen! I am having cooking fantasies! I'm dying to use my gas cooktop (a Thermador, no less).
When we discussed about how much we wanted to spend on the reno, we didn't figure the cost of eating out just about every day!
So this is how things looked a few days ago. There is now plywood where the concrete countertops will go. We chucked the copper idea when we got a quote of $8000. Courtney is so anal, that I knw he'll do an awesome job with the concrete. We both have been reading up on it and watching the DVD that came with a book he bought. Although he'll be doing most of the work, my creative touch will be included in the final product.
At some point, I will post the total cost. I have no idea where we are so far, but we have gotten some awesome deals on the appliances and cabinets. We have paid cash for everything! We did have to borrow some money from a friend in order to keep things moving, but that will be paid in no time and we will ramain credit card debt free.
I have been surprisingly patient with this project. DH works full time, and I know he's doing the best he can. I must say it does annoy me that every time he works on the kitchen he makes at LEAST one trip to Home Depot or Lowe's (on average it's two or three). In order to keep my annoyance to a minimum, I don't ask too many questions. He really is doing an awesome job. We (mostly I) plan to stay here at least until the girls leave home, but I think if we were to put the house on the market with the new kitchen, it would sell in no time!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Hairdos

Atlanta Snow!

Yes, she's wearing mismatched shoes