Friday, February 26, 2010

Traveling Flats

I've known about The Flat Stanley Project for a while and have finally decided to join in.  I joined the Flat Traveler Homeschool Yahoo Group for resources, ideas, and to hook up with other Flat Traveler Families.  I'm not sure if the girls are old enough to appreciate this now, but I know they will down the road.  My plan is to put together a Flat Traveler (henceforth to be referred to as FT) scrapbook that they'll be able ot browse through and (unknowingly) learn from.  You can click here for more ideas & info on FTs.

I made two FTs:  Flat Ava and Flat Shelby.  Flat Shelby is not pictured, as she's on her way to Israel.  Flat Ava (pictured with not-flat Ava) will be going to visit my ex-SIL in Austria.  Shelby's holding the journal I put together that the hosting family will fill out for us.  In it are questions such as Did anything historically significant happen in your town?  What is your town's food specialty?  and places for the host to draw pictures or place stickers.  My plan is to visit every state and as many countries as possible.  I've made a list of folks I know in differet states & countries and will be hitting them up to host our FTs in the future.  You can send and host as many FTs as you like.  I think 2 out at any given time is plenty.  We are expecting two and I'm thinking that's a good number to have to keep up with...I mean host. 


WWAHHMpreneur said...

This sounds like so much fun and very interesting. Thanks so much for sharing it!