Friday, November 13, 2009

Tears For Teeth

I don't care what the lab test said, I think my hormones are out of whack! The silliest things get me all teary-eyed. Like Ava losing her first tooth. It had been loose for over a week, and we had been wiggling it daily. I even tried to twist it out that morning. But when she ran into the kitchen, all excited becasue the apple she was eating made the tooth come out...I had to fight back tears! I told her I was sad, and sweet nurturer that she is, she kindly asked "Why, Mommy?"
"Because this means that you really are getting to be a big girl."
"But, Mommy, if I get big, I can help you cook."
That is one of her highest aspirations. Although she already helps me cook...sometimes. Apparently what I let her do is not enough.
So if I'm crying over a loose tooth, Lord help us when we shop for her first bra...