Sunday, December 27, 2009

God & Religion

The last time the girls went to Miss Lisa's (our daycare provider) she sent us off with the following little anecdote:  "We were singing Christmas carols and having lots of fun.  (This is the first year they've been exposed to them and really don't know that many).  We sang "Joy to the World" and when we came to The Lord has come, Ava asked, 'Who's the Lord?' "   I was both amused and uncomfortable.  I believe in God, but not necessarily in religion.  I have NEVER told my girls about God because...I don't know what to say!  I don't believe the human mind can fully grasp the concept of God.  It boggles my mind when I try to understand.  God is the ocean and we are molecules of water.  What do you say to a child?  Living in the South, the subject is bound to come up again...and again.  They  need to have some infortmation on the subject!  I ultimately want them to reach their own conclusions.  My son (23) has some pretty wild beliefs, and I have to take some resposibility since I was always open to new ideas as I raised him.  Whenever the subject of religion comes up, Hubby always throws the phrase "bible-based" in.  Although he went to church growing up, I doubt he could quote you a verse if you paid him $100.  He really knows nothing about the bible, but seems to feel that he should and the anything having to do with God should be "bible-based."  I don't take the bible as the only divinely inspired text.  There's the Torah, the Koran, and the Quitab-I-Aqdas to name a very few.   I find it a little offensive to think that the bible is the ONLY book in which God reveals him/her/itself or gives instructions for living.   I plan to introduce the girls to the Creator....soon.