Friday, September 12, 2008

Toes Rhymes With Chicken

It looks like all I have to do is plant the seed, and Ava sees to it that it grows. We've been talking about rhyming for a few weeks now, and it didn't look like she was getting it. When she was learning her letter sounds, some conversations went a little like this:

Mommy: The "P" makes the zzzzz sound.
Ava: (amused and thrilled at my ignorance) No it doesn't, Mommy!
Mommy: Are you sure it doesn't make the zzzz sound?
Ava: P makes the puh puh puh sound! (very pleased with herslf at knowing something
Mommy doesn't.

So now a few times a day she'll come to me to tell/ask me whether certain words rhyme. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. But more and more frequently they do, and I am thrilled, because she's doing it on her own, without me bringing it up other than when we come across words that do rhyme.
So tonight's converstion went like this:

Ava: Mommy, does blocks rhyme with socks?
Mommy: Yes! You are sooo smart!
Daddy: And toes rhymes with chicken.
Ava: Da-deee! No it doesn't!
Daddy: Yes it does, listen: (pronounces slowly) to-es, chick-en. They rhyme!
Ava: (very amused by this) Daddy, are you being a goober? (a frequently used word around

I'm hoping that most (if not all) of her learning will be this self-driven. It seems to be more effective when things are her idea. Most of the time we do "actibeeries" (activities) on her request. I have to say that usually, she wants to do the easy activity book first (a pre-school book I bought at BJs a couple of years ago), but doesn't argue much when I suggest we do our letters and number games first. We rarely work for more than 20-30 minutes, but the material sticks, and that's what matters!...and she enjoys it!