Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Flexible Teaching

Well, the bird house project is still in progress. Between the rain and not being home much, we haven’t had a chance to finish them and finding a proper place to hang them. We’re moving right along with Right Start Math and Handwriting Without Tears. While I work with Ava, Shelby “writes,” colors or plays with the wooden letter pieces that go with HWT. Yesterday, Ava and I were working on “H” and to my pleasant surprise, Shelby wrote it on her little blackboard (on her own with no one asking her to)! WOW! I thought I had another year before I started teaching her, but it looks like it’s going to have to be sooner than later. I love this flexibility and not having to listen to a “professional” tell me what she is or isn’t ready for.

As for extracurricular activities, Shelby is in gymnastics and Ava will be starting a “Creative Dramatics” class on Thursday. I’d signed her up for pre-ballet and a folk dances class, but they both got cancelled. I really want her to meet other home schooled kids so she doesn’t feel like she’s different. She’s asked several times over the last few weeks when she’s going to school. I’ve told her that school will be at home and I’m her teacher, but I’m not sure it’s sinking in. Because we refer to learning time as “activities” she doesn’t think of them as school. I prefer it this way so that she associates learning with fun.

Other fun things going on around here are playing in the dirt "mountain" in the back yard. Daddy bought it for the patio/yard grading project and needless to say, the kids have had a blast with it. Me, not so much what with having to deal with dirt stains that don't seem to want to come out. I thought daddy knew the difference between the nice clothes and the play clothes, but it appears that I was wrong. Daddy doesn't know the difference within his own wardrobe, but don't get me started with that!


Kate in NJ said...

LOL, Neither does my DH.
I had a bag with "play clothes" and shoes I would hang on the back door knob when P was younger- he could not take her out unless he put her in them.
It made it easier for us all. ;-)

mavibu said...

That's a great idea! Now the trick will be to get him to follow instructions...

jerra said...

i love the pics of the camping trip. looks like a lot of fun... gosh shelby looks just like alex now... LOL glad the girls had a good time, and papa bear too..LOL bye jerra