Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our Playroom, Future Schoolroom

This is what the room looks like now. The plan is for it to eventually become the "school room." I doubt that our actual schooling will be done here, but it will be where our resources will be housed. DH has said he doesn't want school stuff all over the house, but I don't want to put limits on any enthusiasm that may arise! Right now, we're working at the kitchen table, since that's where we can all sit at the same time. I'm thinking about creating "centers" so that each child is always occupied while I work with the other. In the meantime, I've downloaded 30 stories to the iPod so that one can listen to them whilke I atent to the other. I've gotten great ideas from my Yahoo! group on various centers. I will tell you about them as I get them put together.


Katya said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha. Just give up NOW. We now have piles of school books in EVERY room of the house, including the bathroom. This week I am trying to restrain them to two, max 3 rooms.

Kim said...

I have level A and the tchr book unused and will be at Lead for registration next week. Would you like to buy them used but not used?? Kim Pray

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria! :) That looks like it will be a wonderful schoolroom! We buy books on a weekly basis, sadly.... I told Justin that our new home will have to have a library and that the girls and I see no other way around it! :D

Dianna :D (