Sunday, August 3, 2008

Frugal Homeschooling

I finally decided to go ahead and “officially” homeschool Ava this year. There are differing opinions out there about whether to HS preschool age children, but I finally decided to go ahead. It won’t be more that 20-40 minutes a day. It will actually depend on her. She is very curious and it seems that the more she learns about something, the more she wants to know. I hope she stays this way! Ava know all her letters (and their sounds), numbers, colors, and shapes. Yesterday she asked what sound does 8 make. This tells me she’s ready for more. I bought the Handwriting Without Tears for pre-K and K at the SE Homeschool expo. I also plan to order the Right Start Math Level A curriculum. We’ll also be adapting some of the curriculum for letterofthe

Then there’s Shelby. Surprisingly, she knows a lot of letters and numbers, too. Because she’s only 2 and a half, I always forget her when it comes to planning & deciding HS issues. I see now that she’ll have to be included, but have yet to figure out how. She’s more independent than Ava, so maybe I’ll do Ava first then Shelby. I haven’t made out an actual schedule, but I do think that having one will keep me motivated to follow through.

There is a mind-boggling amount of info and resources online. I’ll probably be taking this and that from different places to suit our needs.

Friday I went to my favorite store, Goodwill. I was looking for a cork board for the school room (playroom). I’d seen one at Walmart for a $9, and didn’t want to spend that much. I found a HUGE one at Goodwill for $5.05, a globe for $4.04, and a book about the Trail of Tears and other Native American history by a Native American for $2.50! I just LOVE a great deal!


Rockin' Moroccan Mama said...

My dd is 2.5 as well so once the ball starts rolling, post what you have going on for your daughter. As for goodwill, I love second hand stores. Can't wait to see your "schoolyear". As for pedi's, I am so ticklish I never had a pedicure until that day. I am cheap when it comes to spending money but I splurged and bought a decaf peppermint mocha and drank it while I had a pedi, chatted with girlfriends and it was the best time I had in awhile. Suprisingly I didn't get ticklish.

reprehriestless warillever said...

Isn't it amazing to see how kids want to learn? The best is when they teach each other -- my 6yo son patiently showing the 3 and 4yo girls how to "pump" a swing, or my 4yo daughter counting out the number of animals in a picture for her baby cousin.