Monday, March 7, 2011

30 Day Vegan

Welcome 30 Day Vegan visitors!  Isn't it great over there?  I gave up meat two months ago, with no intention of ever going total vegan, but this little workshop makes it sound so doable, doesn't it?  I think I can, I think I can! 
As you can see by earlier posts, we're in the process of starting a garden (again).  Maybe I'll post later about my many reasons why.  For now, I'll tell you the number one reason: to save money!  That also happens to be one of the reasons I gave up meat.   You will notice a hefty drop in your grocery bill when you stop buying meat.  I'm not forcing the family into it, however.  Ava loves pork chops.  She can still have them, jut not as often and organic ones now.  Hubs is mostly on board. 
I wish the workshop would have taken place when my garden was in full production!  Oh, well, by then, I'll know a whole lot more about healthy eating and can plan subsequent crops accordingly.


Five Bears A-Blogging said...

I'm lovin' the workshop! It's totally worth it, just for the recipes, but the daily inspiration and community support really bring the whole thing together. I'm so happy to have so many workshop buddies that I know and adore!