Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting the Garden Started

We found this great deal at Home Depot.  The budget only allowed for six.

 Here I am putting the beds together.  I'd just learned to use a drill the week before.  I told the Hubs that now that I know how to use one, I don't need him anymore :-) .

 My beautiful beds.
 My laundry room/green house...oops!  Ignore the bra...
 Wakey wakey seeds!

 The marigolds sprouted but the basil is being stubborn.


Grace said...

Looks great! That was a good deal on the beds. I always have good luck just sowing the basil seeds right out.

Heather said...

Came across your blog from 30 day vegan. The garden beds look AMAZING! Way to go! We are hoping to at some point get some raised beds in our yard as well. I do a lot of container gardening, mainly for tomatoes since we have such a short growing season in Maine, I find they do better in the containers than in the ground. Looking forward to seeing more of what you are planting this spring!