Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Answering Questions With Questions

Kindergarten has officially started! It's been mostly good. We enrolled in Georgia Virtual Academy at the last minute. I was seduced by the FREE, pre-organized curriculum. Not too thrilled about having an assigned teacher, although she sounds nice enough. There are hoops to be jumped through and that may be what makes me decide against it for next year. The material so far has been pretty easy for Ava--almost too easy. I'm thinking it'll get more challenging as the weeks go by. She's asking to do lessons at all hours, even if we've already "done" school that day, so I usually oblige her.
One of the things about my child that I find a little aggravating is her penchant for taking a simple question and not only going on and on with her answer (she gets that from her daddy) but the off track questions she sometimes asks. If we're looking at pictures of houses in a magazine and I ask her which house she likes best, she's not just gonna say, "The blue one." No, she's going to ask where the house is, who lives in it, do they have pets, and if there's a Mexican restaurant nearby. Sometimes I go along with this (there has to be a name for it), but usually, I just go on to the next question or comment.
So last night, I'm doing her hair and she is being particularly wriggly. I ask her, "Ava, why can't you sit still? You got ants in your pants?" The response: "Red ants or black ants?"


Kate in NJ said...

LOL, We get lost on "Rabbit trails" all the time here.

mavibu said...

Rabbit Trails! I knew there had to be name!