Friday, April 17, 2009

Time Marches On

I just got home from working an evening shift. Delaney has been boldly standing without support for a week or two, but I was not prepared when DH called me at work to tell me she took several steps today. I am not ready for this! She's already quite busy as it is. I can hardly get anything done because she's so high maintenance, what am I going to do when I have to spend my days chasing her? I'm hoping the other two will help...
But really, what has me most upset is that she's growing up! I often remind DH that our sweet little girls will one day be lanky teenagers full of attitude. I'm aware that change is a constant thing, but it still makes me sad. I try to live in the moment and savor their sweet faces and the adorable things they say. When I think about Alex as a child, it's the 5 year old face that I see. I can still hear his voice and feel the silky smooth cheek that I kissed often, knowing that one day kisses from him would be few and far between. I lived in the moment then as much as single parenthood and a full time job allowed. My worries are not as many these days (thank God), but I know that my threats to bite the butts will one day be met with much rolling of the eyes. So I get as many kisses and hugs as I can now and savor them while they last.