Friday, January 30, 2009

Kitchen Wishes

WOW! I've been getting a lot of visitors lately, mostly thanks to The Mom With The Brownies featuring me on her blog. Among many other things, she has lots of free curriculum info posted. Thanks, Brownie Mom!

I am surprisingly un-stressed about my kitchenless status. I'm somewhat stressed by the fact that my employer keeps cancelling me. I'm an RN at a children's hospital. I am a "PRN" (as needed) employee and receive no benefits, including paid time off. They pay those in my department handsomely, but the trade-off is that when the patient census drops, we are the first to get cancelled--without pay! It's my choice, so I won't complain too much. Due to lack of childcare, I'm not able to pick up shifts when they have a need on an unscheduled day, but I'm working on that. I need my money because I REALLY don't want to be kitchenless too much longer!

In a previous post I said that in our marriage, I am the brakes, DH the gas. In spite of this we usually work very well together. We are both creative thinkers and he can build/fix anything! So I decided I want a copper counter top in my new kitchen. Did I mention DH likes to "debate?" I call it arguing. So I did some research on the benefits of copper and came across this very interesting article. I did this to keep the "debating" to a minimum, although I know that in the end, I usually get what I want. Not only is copper beautiful (and gets more so as time goes by), but it's actually antibacterial! Where would this benefit be needed more than in the kitchen? Google copper counter tops and you'll see the cool stuff that's out there. Since we're handy/creative, we'll probably be making ours ourselves.

My original idea was to wrap the copper sheet (a relatively heavy gauge) around plywood. DH has come up with the idea of adding tile to the edges. I see it in my mind, and I like it!


The Mom With Brownies said...

I've given you an award! :o)