Friday, July 25, 2008

Six Degrees of Separation

The premise of six degrees of separation is that everyone on earth is separated by six people: I probably know someone (2) whos knows someone (3) who knows someone (4) who knows someone (5) who knows me (6). None of the people in between know each other, yet the connection comes back to me. This occurred to me as I browsed through blogs. I'm really fascinated by them and can't believe it took me so long discover them. As I browsed I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I saw someone I know in one of these? I actually think that when I watch TV. I've met so many people in my life, it's bound to happen.
Many years ago I was in the Air Force, stationed in Wyoming :>( . A friend, who was from NYC, was looking through one of my photo albums, in which I had my driver's permit with my maiden name on it. "Hey, I know some Bullocks back home," she says, to which I reply, "Really? I have some cousins in NYC (who doesn't?)." "I know a girl named Princess and her mom, Vi." "Shut up! They're my cousin and aunt!" True story. Waaay out in Wyoming I run into someone who knows my kin in NYC. So that's 3 degrees right there. I call these my "Small World" stories and I got a million of 'em.


DiannaLeigh said...

Hey!!!!!!!!!!! :P Welcome to blogdom! Isn't it amazing how small the world really is?

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!!!!!!! Welcome to blogdom! :)
Isn't it amazing how small the world really is??? :) I tried calling you today, but it wouldn't go through. LOL I think I am holding my mouth wrong. Great Post. :)